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London: Researchers have found that people who suffered from influenza were 70 per cent less likely to have acquired rhinoviruses, or the .

For the study samples from 44,230 cases of acute respiratory illness, in 36,157 patients, were tested for 11 types of respiratory viruses over nine years at National Academy of Sciences (NHS) Greater Glasgow and Clyde board in UK.

“One really striking pattern in our data is the decline in cases of the respiratory virus rhinovirus, which is typically a mild common cold causing virus, occurring during winter, around the time that activity increases,” said study researcher Sema Nickbakhsh from the University of Glasgow.

During the study, the most striking interaction they found was between influenza A viruses and rhinoviruses, a type of virus that can cause the common cold.

Computer modelling of the data found that the inhibitory interactions between influenza and rhinoviruses appeared to occur within individual people as well as at a population level.

According to the study, patients with influenza were approximately 70 per cent less likely to also be infected with rhinovirus, than were patients infected with the other virus types.

“We believe respiratory viruses may be competing for resources in the respiratory tract. There are various possibilities we’re investigating, such as these viruses are competing for cells to infect in , or the immune response to one virus makes it harder for another unrelated virus to infect the same person,” Nickbakhsh said.

Limitations of the study include that the correlations observed cannot show what is causing these interactions and that samples were only taken from people with symptoms of a respiratory infection, so it may not capture how the viruses behave in people who don’t develop symptoms. —IANS

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