Good Newwz climax was the most difficult part to shoot, says Raj Mehta

, , , and are starring in the upcoming dramedy, . The promotions are on in full swing for this quirky story. While the Raj Mehta said that the comic scenes were easy to , the emotional chunk was difficult.

Speaking about Good Newwz, Raj Mehta said that he knew the lead actors were capable of pulling off comic scenes. For him, the emotional scenes at the end of the film got tough. He said that there is only so much one can direct during an emotional scene like they make them understand the situation and back story but not the part where they have to emote. He was amazed to see that Akshay Kumar could cry even without glycerin and in a flash. He said that the same thing happened with other actors too. Raj further said that they did not have a stereotypical ending so the climax was difficult to deal with on paper.

Raj Mehta said, in the trailer itself, the situation is clear that the couple’s babies are only half theirs.  He said that since they have unusual journeys with no references, they had to come to a conclusion without being predictable. The film is not just about IVF but also acceptance and bringing up a child which is different from giving birth to one, said Raj. He said he is happy how they arrived at the conclusion.

Good Newwz is releasing on December 27, 2019.

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