Urvashi Rautela Copy-pastes US Writer’s ‘Parasite’ Tweet, He Says ‘At Least Correct the Grammar’ – News18

Urvashi Rautela has done it again. After reportedly copy-pasting supermodel Gigi Hadid and Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s tweets in the past, the actress-model used New York-based author JP Brammer’s tweet to write about Oscar-winning film Parasite.

On Tuesday, Urvashi wrote, “One thing I really love about @ParasiteMovie is that rather than depict the fam (ily) as scammers pretending to be good at their jobs, they actually do their jobs flawlessly! what they lack isn’t skill, but institutional stamps of approval & the bows and ribbons that rich people love (sic).”

Soon after this, Twitterati called out Urvashi for copying from another person and posted pictures of both the tweets. One such picture reached Brammer as well. However, in a seemingly sarcastic response, he wrote, “I’m rooting for her,” adding, “Why didn’t she at least correct the grammar, um my bad grammar?? is part of the vibe??? wow (sic).”

This is not the first time, that Urvashi is in spotlight for copying social media posts of other people. Earlier, when Urvashi took to Twitter to wish speedy recovery to veteran actor Shabana Azmi, who was hospitalised recently after meeting with a road accident, people had pointed out how her tweet was an exact copy of that of PM Modi’s tweet.

Urvashi had tweeted, “The news of @AzmiShabana Ji’s injury in an accident is distressing. I pray for her quick recovery (sic).” And that is exactly what PM Modi had tweeted after news of Azmi’s accident had surfaced.

Likewise, in 2018, Urvashi was bashed for copying Gigi Hadid’s Instagram post on negative ‘rumours’ about her relationship. She had taken up supermodel’s entire statement and posted it on her official page. However, social media was quick enough to identify the original source.

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